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oh joy and joy! Thats exactly my kind of holiday. I don't have an issue with Canteen, unless said canteen charges 300 pounds for a bowl of soup and a chunk of break. In which case, its not a canteen, its daylight robbery


[this is good] I vote that Johnny does his own blog post, expanding on the above.


[this is good] I get excited about going to Waitrose and I go every week.


I'm with Kate.

And there is no doubt that Hugh Fearnley-Wotsit's brand of back-to-nature/living off the land lifestyle is gobsmackingly expensive, so it's very nice of Johnny to help him pay for it ....

By the way, you didn't happen to catch that River Cottage prog where he experimented with cooking with slugs did you?  They were clearly (from the faces of his poor staff who he made sample his slug kebabs) every bit as repulsive as you might imagine, no matter how much garlic and herbs he threw into the mix.

fox in the snow

[this is good]

I'm so excited by all this talk of Waitrose that I'm going to go at lunchtime. Anyone want anything poncy?

And yes, Johnny needs a right of reply.


can you get me and Lucy some middle class canapes?

fox in the snow

You'll have sausage rolls and you'll fucking like them.


plubs, I have never seen one of his programmes - maybe I could have that as my mission statement.


They're oddly addictive.  Mind you, I'm not sure I'd want to eat his food after seeing them - he always looks like he needs a good scrub ....


ugh -the slugs.  They were a step too far.


If you're in that region again look out for a pub that sells Exmoor Ales the 'Gold' is particularly good, I'd probably call it my favourite beer.

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