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Surely if you've got empty boxes for the coins then you've got reason to pursue a criminal case?


How horrible.  Here's hoping the boxes of presents and stuff turn up - but the empty boxes for the silver dollars sound rather more ominous.  As Oink says, I would have thought that you've got a pretty solid comeback on the removals company in a case like this.

fox in the snow

That is so miserable and a thoroughly unpleasant start to life in a new country. I hope a stray box finds its way to you.


That really is a huge 'boo'.  I would be doing a lot of angry crying.  I know I'd be trying to persuade that they're 'only things', but there's no escaping the feeling of being violated.  It's like being burgled.

Sorry - I've got no practical advice to offer - I'm glad there are some hoorah things to compensate.


I'm afraid the only thing I can think of to say is: "What a bunch of cunts'


Echo chaotic. Those empty boxes suggest it's not just oversight.

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