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It will.

Lovely post - I kind of feel a sense of detatchment as though you're already living a life away from them.  Good luck with the move.


3 goons have just turned up at my house to pack - I feel nervous.  I'm sure that it will be okay.

fox in the snow

[this is good] Good luck with the move. That was a very atmospheric post.


Good luck with everything!  At least the goons are packing / unpacking and not you.  I'm sure it will all go well.


[this is good] Hope the move goes well.  I wish I had ridden a horse into my lectures.


Lovely wistful post - Jando's description is spot on.


Every single one of your posts has made me want to move to Germany, the way pretty much every one of your posts about Switzerland made me not want to go to Switzerland.

I look forward to finding out what sweeping response I have to your Greek adventures.

Good luck, and thanks for sharing.


[this is good] Moving day is awful. So much better to arrive than to leave.


You must be there by now!  Hope the move went smoothly and was trauma-free.

A boy in my philosophy class sits and does the sudoku in the back of the Metro, which I find quite rude.


we've got here - the contents of our home are somewhere in Italy, I think.  Or possibly on a ferry on the way to Patra.  We should move in to our new place on Wednesday, I think.  

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