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fox in the snow

I don't think you should feel a prat for being frustrated and home-sick and thwarted by bureaucracy. And of course the phone and internet are crucial - I couldn't get through work without them, let alone face a major move to a new country without them.

I hope you and Mr Johnny find everything does get better very quickly.


What foxy said. 

To be honest I'd be moaning a lot more about the lack of internet/phone thing than you.  I think you're entirely justified to feel out of kilter.  If this is the pity party of the decade then I shudder to think what my blog is.


Uh huh - what they said.  (Nothing like a snotty nose and chilly, grey January day to get my whinge gland working overtime ....) 

'Mr Johnny' did make me smile, though.


Moan ahead... of course you can ..  but at least you know someone called Cleopatra.  We should all know people called that.

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