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A week traveling for work purposes on my own has (so far - with another 10 days to go) given me a different perspective on this.  I think you're amazing for moving to new countries and facing everything new every time - and am just surprised that you don't make it sound even more difficult than you do.  

(I'm terribly homesick right now...)  


its a 'vintage' handbag darlinks!

You are doing so well -just you wait til its hot and you can swan about eating feta cheese and olives and gloating about it to us! x


Just keep on thinking about the sunshine and islands ...

Tell them your only designer handbag is made out of stray donkeys so you don't feel it's appropriate.

Um.  Sorry.

fox in the snow

I'm with Oink - moving from east to south London was hard enough. I think you're brilliant to cope with a whole new country, especially one that is determined to keep you off the internet.

'Gently used' comes a close second to 'pre-loved' as a euphemism for 'second-hand'. See also: vintage, nearly new.

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